in the distance, MHW ambassador Nikki Smith stands on a rock in City of Rocks
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Sisters of the Rope
The outdoor industry is growing every year, and with that, the need for more guides—but even more so: guides of all backgrounds who can support the diversifying communities of rock climbing and skiing. The Women’s Network and The ProTrack are two programs designed to usher women into guiding, developed and run by The Mountain Guides, our alpine and rock climbing guide partner.
The group gets ready to climb, coiling rope, adjusting harnesses, etc.
venture out with alex johnson & nikki smith
We’re proud of our community. 🌈 Yet, being proud doesn’t mean we always know how to support everyone in our community... As we work toward better understanding how LGBTQIA2S+ folks experience our mountains differently and creating a more inclusive outdoors, we called on help from the people closest to us. With the help of The Venture Out Project and Mountain Hardwear climbers Alex Johnson and Nikki Smith, we’re learning.
Infrared image of a climber looking up for her next move, close to the top of a route.
all day epic
Inside an all-day epic at The Needles with climber Miranda Oakley, along with an other-worldly look at the mountains through the lens of Ted Hesser.
A view of behind the shot, one of the photo clinic participants stands in front of a big circular light diffuser, held by two other photo clinic participants
open aperature
Six participants joined ambassador Nikki Smith and The Mountain Guides for a photography workshop to help them document underrepresented groups outdoors.
In the gym, Kyra bouldering with Alex on the sideline coaching
friendly competition
Climbers Kyra Condie and Alex Johnson reflect on their evolving relationship as coach/athlete, competitors, teammates, training partners, and finally, friends.
Becoming friendly with a large group of alpacas while traveling in Peru, a hiker reaches out to say hi.
all day epic: part two
In a photojournal-style gallery, Charlotte Durif and Josh Larson share the story of their return to a hidden gem of unclimbed potential in Pitumarca, Peru.
View of Everest Base Camp with a MHW Space Station Tent front and center, Everest in the background.
mhw everest expedition
A team of six Mountain Hardwear employees trekked through Nepal to Everest Base Camp, where they met our climbing team before their attempt to climb the 8000m peak.
Looking up at Zoë Raynor, a climber participant, during the LGBTQIA2S+ Single Pitch Instructor Course in Joshua Tree National Park
pitched into presence
In partnership with the American Mountain Guides Association, we offer six all-expense-paid scholarships to our annual LGBTQIA2S+ Single Pitch Instructor Course, which takes place in a new location each year.